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A show about the way we’re navigating the world in the bodies we’ve been given. Join host Tiffany Eller every Friday for exclusive interviews with people sharing the most vulnerable parts of their body stories.


About The Body Story Podcast

If one person’s story can change the way we look at them, a collection of stories may be able to change the world.
Tiffany Eller launched The Body Story Podcast in June 2019 in an effort to provide a platform for others to tell the parts of their story they wish more people understood. After a year of interviews, Tiffany has learned that the things that make us different are the same things that unite us.
The Body Story Podcast is a show made for those of us who have ever felt like we didn’t belong because of how we looked. It’s for those who hold shame about their bodies, and for those whose bodies have never felt like home. This show is a chance to see vulnerability at its finest, and realize we’ve all struggled with our bodies.
Body positivity is available to all of us. And it can only be achieved by reprogramming all of the BS we’ve been fed by our environments and media. So if you need a dose of hope in your weekly routine, we recommend just a TBSP of The Body Story Podcast.


Loving It Like It Is, While Getting Where I’m Going

Marilyn Sorensen has been giving women permission to be the best authorities of their own body for more than 20 years. She teaches women how to increase their vitality, wellbeing, and self actualization by having daily, toe-curling vaginal and cervical orgasms that last for hours.

Episode 28    |    46min

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Tiffany Eller

Tiffany Eller

For YEARS I have wanted to open the dialogue on the human experience; to educate people on how to love their bodies, and to see others in a more loving and informed way. Until I settled on podcasting, I didn’t know how.

I was in fourth grade when an adult commented on my weight for the first time.

I was in high school when I encountered my first relationship with a man that made me feel less-than.

In college, when I was faced with weight gain like I had never experienced, all the scripts I had learned throughout my life played in my head, letting me know I wasn’t good enough in the growing body I occupied.

Then came motherhood, body changes, seasons of growth—it all came together, and at some point I realized that I’d had ENOUGH of the self-doubt and shame; that I AM enough to love my body and others. But how?

As an adult—whatever that means—I’ve regained the self-confidence I had lost, and have found even more than I knew was possible. I’ve discovered self-expression in everything from my offbeat clothing choices to my grooming and how I feel about my hair.

—Then it hit me—

If I can go from being a depressed, suicidal teenager, to being a thriving, HAPPY, business-owning hippie, then my story can inspire others to do the same. And if MY story can help others, just imagine what we can all accomplish together.

I realized by sharing the experiences of others and providing them a platform to talk about their journey to self-love, we could help others achieve the level of confidence they deserve. This isn’t a story about my life, or where I am with my body. It’s a collection of OUR stories, meant to empower us to feel good from within.

So, welcome to The Body Story Podcast. This is the story of all of us. I’m making it up as I go, and I hope that you’ll join me on the journey.

Much love,

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