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August 19   |   August 26   |   September 2

From left to right: Tiffany Eller (host), Kat Lizarraga (2021 Upstaged Champ), Tina Townes (2021 Upstaged Runner-up), and Bree Jones (producer)

You Decide Who Wins the $500 prize!

The Upstaged Champ is determined by audience vote. Come help decide who will walk away with $500 CASH.

Each week comedians are given a challenge they must implement. Five are eliminated each week, leaving one winner and one runner-up.


Is Where It’s At

8001 W Fairview Ave   |   Boise, ID

Competition Schedule

August 19 – September 2

Aug. 19 (Fri)
6:30-9 PM
Week One

15 comedians have 5 minutes apiece.
Sets must incorporate the theme of the week. Theme will be sent to contestants the week before.

10 comedians move on to the next round.

Aug. 26 (Fri)
6:30-9 PM
Week Two

10 comedians have 7 minutes apiece.
Sets must incorporate the theme of the week. Theme will be sent to contestants the week before.

5 comedians move on to the next round.

Sept. 2 (Fri)
6:30-9 PM
Week Three


5 comedians have 10 minutes apiece.

One. Will. Win.

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The Format

Each week, contestants will perform a comedy set on the Women Ignite Stage.

Week 1:  5 minute set
Week 2: 7 minute set
Week 3: 10 minute set

Contestants will be given a topic or gimmick each week that they have to work into their set.

The competition ends when we have one winner and one runner-up.

How to Vote

Voting is conducted by the night’s audience via monitored vote boxes and tickets.

Tickets are distributed to patrons upon entry. Patrons may earn extra tickets by purchasing a drink from the Upstaged Drink & App Menu.

Contestants cannot vote and cannot earn tickets by ordering a drink.

No voting can take place until ballots open during the show’s break after all contestants have performed. 

See the Rules

1.   All jokes and content must be original. Any jokes that are found to be copied could result in disqualification.

2.   Each week has a topic and/or twist. If comics fail to incorporate the week’s assignment into their set, they will be penalized 10 tickets from their votes. 

3.   Each week we want to hear new material. Jokes cannot be repeated from the week before. Any duplicate jokes will result in losing 5 tickets per joke.

4.   Every week there is an allotted amount of time for each comic. If you are short more than 30 seconds, you will lose a ticket per 10 seconds. If you are over by more than 30 seconds you will lose 5 tickets per 10 seconds. Going over by 90 seconds, and we will cut your mic.  

5.   No weapons or items resembling weapons are allowed in this competition. This includes, guns, knives, water guns, nun-chucks, tasers, pepper spray, etc. Failure to follow this guideline could result in disqualification. 

6.   Contestants will be asked to sign an agreement that they will not plagiarize, and that they give us permission to take photos for promotional use.

7.   No hate speech will be tolerated. Use of hate speech may result in disqualification. Up to the discretion of the event runners.

8.   Any nudity must abide by state laws.

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